Our Impact

Everyday I have the privilege of seeing brave children who are sick or injured. Some have long term chronic conditions that impact on their lives and others might be injured for their very first time. The team of doctors, nurses as well as allied health and support staff help make their day a little brighter. By giving, you too can share in this warm feeling by helping to purchase equipment needed to make their day better by providing excellent clinical care.

Dr Christopher Webber

Head Of Emergency – Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick and President – Sydney Kids Committee
_15 Otis with Truck

Otis’s story

At just 6 weeks of age, baby Otis was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis, which is where one of the growth plates in skull is fused causing his head to be distorted and putting pressure on a growing brain. Otis underwent Total Cranial Vault Remodelling, a challenging and delicate surgery to reshape his skull and allow his brain to grow normally.

Thanks to the care he received at Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick, Otis is now “the craziest little man, very cuddly and happy. He lights up our lives and he’s perfect.” (Otis’ mum Jess). Its is the specialist paediatric equipment like the E-Pen purchased by Sydney Kids Committee in 2019 that enables surgeries like Otis’.

Cooper’s story

Severe head trauma as a result of s skateboarding accident saw Cooper in a fight for his life. A prolonged coma and period on life support in intensive care along with surgery to give the brain room to swell was required. During coma, regulation of body temperature is imperative to survival.

The Artic Sun, like the one purchased by the Sydney Kids Committee in 2018, kept Cooper at the constant temperature needed to save his life. Cooper is now an advocate for helmets, visiting local primary schools to help educate children and reinforce the message of their necessity. Such remarkable stories are only possible because of the support the Sydney Kids Committee receives from our generous donors, sponsors and guests.